Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison - FAQ 9

But doesn't all this sort of thing hurt?

Sure, at first it did; very much indeed. In fact, it damn near killed me,

You were almost killed by people saying, "No, she didn't marry Jim Morrison, and she definitely wasn't his soulmate"? You're a lightweight.

And since she's tried to insist that she was quiet for the better part of two decades and only spoke up after the Doors movie, how did it almost kill her "at first"?

and since it's obviously never gonna end, it may yet.

Last time I checked, "people doubting you on the Internet" is not a fatal condition.

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison - FAQ 8

So what do you think the problem is here?

Oh, Lord... I think it's what I just said: Jim and Pamela are both dead, I'm the one who's still alive, the only one who made it to grownuphood,

Nope, sorry, not a good enough reason. There are plenty of rock wives/paramours who make it to "grownuphood," and maturity has nothing to do with whether people like them or not. And no, being a Strong Independent Woman has nothing to do with it either.

Usually wives and girlfriends are disliked if they are perceived as interfering in the rock star's musical life and/or band, or if they seem like crazy bitches who can only be bad for the rocker's psyche. That is why people hate Yoko Ono and not Jane Asher (interference), and hate Courtney Love but like Marianne Faithfull (crazy bitch).