Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Moon Chapter 24

Edturd is pissed at the idea of anyone else getting to decide what happens to Bawla, so he ties her up and throws her in the closet. Then he murders Charlie so he can guard Bawla day and night, while laughing at how weak and sad she is...

Oh sorry, that's the in-character thing for him to do. In the actual book, he gives her another vampiric piggyback ride, which I think is meant to sound cool. It's not.

As was the night, too, after that terrifying brightness. Like the thick quilt I’d played under as a child, the dark felt familiar and protecting.

Yes, please keep hammering in that sudden liking for the dark that Bella never had until the end of this book. It totally shows that she's meant to be a vampire, and totally contradicts the fact that she hated it through the LAST book.

They have a really boring, awkward conversation that is apparently meant to be flirty, except Stephenie Meyer thinks flirting involves a lot of fishing for compliments.