Friday, April 15, 2016

New Moon Epilogue

So we're given a sum-up of how her boring life went back to being boring again, only with the Cullens.

Since the Cullens are Perfect Gold-Crapping Vampires, the hospital is fine with Carlisle retaking his old job. They just fired the poor schmuck who had gotten his job, because he'd never be as wonderful as Carlisle.

"Haha! We care nothing for others!"

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Battlefield Earth Introduction

Recently there came a period when I had little to do.

I guess when you're the head of your own religion and have Sea Org slaves to wipe your butt, you have some free time. Especially after you've enacted the biggest infiltration of the US government ever...

and I decided to amuse myself by writing a novel that was pure science fiction.

As opposed to... what?

And actually, a lot of "pure" science fiction still can be classified as other things, like "comedy" or "satire." It can even be science fiction while acquiring the trappings of fantasy, like Star Wars and Babylon 5... which makes me wonder if that was a heavy-handed swipe at Star Wars for not being "pure" enough.